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Looking for a placement

What to look for

When looking for a placement don’t get confused by the way the job is advertised. It is the same thing even if it’s called Internship, Placement or 12 months undergraduate job. If you google it, you can use all of this terms to name it to increase the chances to find the job you want.

Where to look

You can always use the placement websites where most of the companies advertise their vacancies but don’t rely on these only. Many companies do not advertise. There are many reasons for this choice, but some of them are:  the company is interested in those students that show interest in the company and approach them, companies do not know about the possibility of employing a undergraduate for a placement year or the company does not realise the need of a new employee.

Target them

You could make a list of companies that you find appealing and try to approach them even if they don’t advertise a placement opportunity. Try to contact them on-line through email, explaining why you would love to work for them. If possible, you can even go and pay them a visit to their office to make a stronger impression. The advantage is that you could show them you are passionate and determined. Companies need people that enjoy working for them and show passion and ambition in what they’re doing.

Don’t underestimate yourself!

If you find an opportunity offered by a big, well-known company apply for the position. Do not underestimate yourself or think that you won’t get the job because they are so big! Think about the fact that other students may step back because they have the same fear which gives you a bit of advantage. The company, even if it’s big, is advertising for student’s placement, which means that they know you do not have a impressive experience or strong knowledge, so they do not expect you to know everything. So don’t be shy, you have nothing to lose if you give it a go.

This is a short list of places to find placements

  • your university’s placement page (if you have one)

Go on company website

In addition, always visit companies’ websites and look in career’s section to see if they have any job advertised. Many companies prefer advertise on their own website, hoping to be discovered by interested prospect employees.

Good luck! If you have any tip please share it with us by leaving a comment.